Equal Night and Day – Balance … a good time to begin

On only two days per year does the night equal the day (one each in March/September). Balance, a newness, growth, birth. In my mind, the Vernal Equinox in March is like the “new” year. The energy of this time, the space around you urges a movement to balance. For us, another show is also going on, an amazing SuperMoon, appearing oh so close to the Earth and so large, and then it moves between the Earth and the Sun in perfect placement for a Total Solar Eclipse. Another kind of balance.

Staying with this metaphor of balance – day/night, light/dark, Sun/Moon – think about what must happen for there to be balance, usually. When new things come along, many times old things must move along. I always tell my clients who are hoping for a love interest or soul mate, in terms of Feng Shui, to take a look around their home and around in their lives … is there “room” for that new person, that new energy? Clean out some drawers or closets, move stuff around, set the table for two; clear then create the energy, metaphorically and in reality. This is perhaps what needs to happen during this Equinox/Solar Eclipse time for each of us. Some people or situations may be eclipsed out of your life, but be calm about it, because it’s a clearing of space for the new coming. Begin to prepare for the inevitable newness.

This will manifest in different ways in each person’s life. For some, it may be in relationships; for others, workplace or home/family or money or health; and for some it may be a true internal shift, emotionally perhaps. What have you been antsy about? What’s been on your mind, keeps you up? What have you been sort of planning forever it seems? For some, a difference will be sudden and others, a slow turning in a new direction.

You may have heard folks talking about this equinox/eclipse bringing opportunity … I call it potential. The potential is there in the energy and flow of the time. Be sure to look for it and go with it.

The Moon and the Sun are both moving out of Pisces to Aries on this day, as well, from water to fire, from intuition and spirituality to action. You may have been thinking about something for a long time; this may be the time for you to actually act on it! Take a step in this new direction. Move from merely thinking about it to doing it. A New Moon is an excellent time to begin something new, as well.

Bottom line, if a door opens, go through it. If you have been planning and thinking, begin doing. Take some kind of concrete step. Get your life in order; clear out the cobwebs, stay sober and alert. Look for good. Allow transformation to happen. Welcome the new, the balance of the times.

Spring Equinox March 20, 2015: (all times EDT)
New Moon 5:36 am
Solar Eclipse 5:45 am
Moon moves into Aries 6:28 am
Sun moves into Aries 6:45 pm

Some suggestions ….
If you are needing some calm or protection during this period of time, carry/wear Turquoise.
For an increase in personal energy and power, carry/wear Citrine.
To awaken creativity, carry/wear Carnelian.
If you are feeling flighty and need grounding, carry/wear Obsidian.
If you have been down on yourself, carry/wear Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine/Amazonite.
If you feel depressed during this time, carry/wear Amethyst.


Blessings of Love and Light,
Nancy Rainwater

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