Joy Rant


Here’s the deal. Who decided that it isn’t cool to be joyful? That smiling isn’t cool/in/hot/bitchin/ridiculous/bad-ass/awesome sauce/crushing it/ … whatever? That being joyful is fake? omg. Let me tell you what is fake … not smiling is fake. I say, smile when you want to, when you feel it, even if you don’t have abnormally white and freakishly straight teeth. Unleash that inner fire hydrant of Joy! You can be joyful even if you don’t attend a sporting event, a music concert, or church. You can laugh even when it’s not at someone else’s expense.

We were built for Joy. Think about it. When we are left to our own devices, allowed to explore to our heart’s content, not bothered, not suppressed, not threatened … we seek out those things that make us happy. That’s how we fill our time. We innately want to feel and express Joy. I will go so far as to say that this is why we are here – it’s our goal. We want to be Happy. Seek and express Joy. Unleash that inner fire hydrant of Joy! Find those things, people, places that make you smile, that give you that feeling of your inner joy bubbling up to the surface.

“A Joyful Spirit” is not just one woman’s story. It is everyone’s story. It is our Essence. It isn’t a telling of Joy all the time. It’s the reality that Joy persists even though there has been strife, much abuse, massive effort, pain, illness, depression, hateful prejudice … Joy persists. Unleash your inner fire hydrant of Joy!

My hope is that reading my words here will contribute to that Joy. Sending out much Love and Joy to each one of you … I feel you … I know you are there.

xo-Nancy Rainwater

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  1. Hi Nancy
    What a wonderful message.
    We don’t need any external support for understanding the meaning of joy. It comes from within. All the external things are temporary in nature. So, we must indulge in our inner space to realize the real meaning of joy
    Thanks for the lovely post.

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  2. Reblogged this on Open Hearted Musings and commented:
    Re-blog with Love – Hope you love this short burst of joy as much as I have.

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  3. Good morning! Loved this and re-blogged it. This is gerry straatemeier #WUVIP.

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