What Makes You Feel ALIVE?!

So many people going through the motions of life, of work, of relationships …. The world doesn’t really need any more of that. YOU don’t need any more of that, and if you were honest, you would probably say that you don’t WANT any more of that. Do take a moment … or several … and think about what truly gets you going, what revs you up, what makes time stand still and rush by too! Tell me, what makes you feel ALIVE?!


Now, that you’ve thought about it, you’ll never be the same, you know. You’ll need to try it, to do that thing that makes you feel alive, no matter how far away from it you feel right this second, no matter what people around you say, even if you cannot step straight into it, tomorrow … even if it’s part-time, at first. Mark this moment. Know that this is important. Realize that this thought is life-giving. Then, carve out some time and begin … one small step of some kind … just begin.

Be aware of how you feel as you go about your life. If you don’t feel ALIVE, then readjust and move forward. I’ve had to do that so many times – feels like “trial and error” … but it’s really just “trial,” no error. The goal is to truthfully live your life, to actually inhabit your life, to feel alive down to every cell. Wow.

Even as I continue this same journey myself, I’m cheering you on! You go, you magnificent being!

Nancy Rainwater

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  1. Being part of a TEAM, a TRIBE, COLLEAGUES revs me up. #WUVIP ❤ gerry

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