You Really Can Go Home

A few years ago, my partner and I (along with our dog Buster, of course!) set off on a journey to see family, several states away. As we drove through the desert, over the mountains, in the heat, and through snow and thunderstorms … we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, collecting rocks, visiting turquoise outlets, and taking photos.

Then, I began to feel ill. I think we made it about two-thirds of the way to our intended destination. I became so critically ill that we had to stop and quickly find a hotel. We were there for FIVE days.

I’m not a believer in running to the doctor for everything, so I chose not to go to one so far from home – and even now, I doubt that they could have done anything for me. In retrospect, it was one of those dark-night-of-the-soul moments that lasted for days. There were hours that I wasn’t sure I would make it home at all. Anyway, by the time I was well enough to travel, we were out of vacation time and had to head back home, so we never reached our carefully planned destination.

From the outside, this would appear to be an imperfect trip or vacation. The reality is that it was absolutely perfect. When I think back on that trip, I don’t see it as a ruined vacation at all. I see it as a revelation … one that I’ll never forget. I learned many things that week.

For instance …
I don’t have to do things because someone else wants me to.
I can break the chains of the past.
Emotional upset does, in fact and dramatically, affect our bodies.
Our bodies can absolutely heal themselves. (zero doubt about this one)
I am so fortunate and so loved.
I am worthy.
I can change directions anytime, anywhere, with or without getting sick and staying in a hotel room for five days!
And … there is such a thing as magic.

All good things to know!

Sometimes life says, “Wait a minute – stop – pay attention!” I had three of those moments within that same year, of which this was one. It truly is in those kinds of moments when we grow the most. Not “imperfect” at all. So much good has come into my life since that year … it’s really hard to argue against the experiences.

When you look at your journey with eyes to see the truth, perhaps you will see that, in each moment, your journey is and has been perfect. You are here, now. So it’s not all bad! I’m finding that the trick is actually to pay attention, to learn the lessons, to see beyond what others might think of as obstacles, and to look for the good in all situations. “Awareness” has a whole new meaning for me, now.

Each coming moment brings with it hope and potential … the opportunity to chart a new course. Let go of the past, rest in the knowledge that you can always make a new decision, go in a new direction. You really can go home to the “true” you.

Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Let everyone else off the hook, too. Create a new map. Keep loving your life – whatever is happening in it. Just keep moving. Take a step forward in Joy … even if it is a baby step. You’ll be happy you did. And really, the Joy you’ll feel is worth it all – you’ll see!

There is great love here for you. –Nancy Rainwater

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  1. “Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Let everyone else off the hook, too. Keep loving your life – whatever is happening in it.” Love it.
    Great post Nancy about difficult lessons we either choose to learn or continue to suffer. Am re-blogging with love.


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  2. Reblogged this on Open Hearted Musings and commented:
    Re-Blog. Nancy’s story draws you in as she shares about learning to love life with joy – exactly as it comes along. Enjoy.

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  3. Beautiful article!! Thanks for sharing your story and wisdom gained from it.

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