Happy birthday to all of you Cancerians out there! Here’s a bit about our Sun Sign Bracelet for those with birthdays between approximately June 21 – July 22.

“Intuitive Cancer, natural ruler of the House of Home, approaches life with sensitivity and imagination. This sun sign bracelet supports your domestic bliss and provides for better understanding of and through the emotions and for relaxation. The design pays particular attention to the third and fourth chakras, the Stomach meridian, and the element of Water.” -from Rainwater Designs

For more info and to order, please, visit our website. All major credit cards are accepted! www.creatingwithintent.com

Have a look at all of the Sun Signs, and you will see the differences among them and among the bracelets that I’ve made for them! Each one is unique.
-Nancy Rainwater
#cancersunsign #jewelry #crystals #energyhealing #WUVIP



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