A Time to Review and Reconnect

Mercury Retrogrades, appearing to move backward, 3-4 times a year. This diminishes the power of Mercury and seems to cause slowdowns. Our current retrograde period begins tomorrow, January 5 at 8:06 am EST, and goes through January 25. Those are the precise dates, but you may have noticed slowdowns or things not going exactly right or miscommunications, already. I know that I’ve felt the need to clean out shelves and drawers and move stuff around!

The planet Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo; the Third House of communication, daily travel, relatives and neighborhood relationships, self-expression; and the Sixth House of employment, service, health.

Its meaning in astrological terms: planet of mental activities, communication, and intellectual energy; governs perception, reasoning, memory, speaking, writing, contracts, commerce, day-to-day travel, and modes of transportation; adaptability and versatility. So, you can see why Retrograde might have far-reaching implications.

This is a great time to do the following!
– review all kinds of things, including where you are in life
– reconnect with old friends or with past ideas that you haven’t thought about in a while
– revisit past decisions or jobs
– clean up relationships and simply forgive
– clean out the closets, etc
– take some private time to assimilate all that has happened to you and around you over the last several months
– tie up loose ends of all kinds
– design your plans for the next few months

January will not be such a great time to purchase a new computer (or other electronics) or to travel (triple check everything and be patient!) or to sign on the dotted line … for anything.

However, I always see Mercury Retrograde as a wonderful time to be somewhat introspective and to sort of get my “house” in order. Reminiscing, cleaning, planning, researching, reconnecting with myself and others, looking forward in some ways, too. Use the energy of the times to your advantage, stay positive, draw the good to you. Go with the flow! You will feel so much better to move forward and to blaze some trails in February. Plan now to begin some job or goal or dream in the second week of February. That’s my plan!

I hope that this helps and that you have a terrific Retrograde!
-Nancy Rainwater, PhD
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The symbol in this image is similar to the symbol you might see on your birth chart or other type of chart. Whenever you see this symbol by a planet on your birth chart, for example, it means that the planet was in retrograde motion at the time of your birth.


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