Pisces Sun Sign

Happy birthday to all Pisceans!! The Sun enters Pisces on Friday, February 19 at 12:34pm EST, this year.


Pisces, the Compassionate Mystic, you are intuitive, emotional, romantic, adaptable, and self-sufficient. You are a poet and a dreamer, but you can be very devoted to a cause.

I feel the Smoky Quartz, the center stone for the Pisces Sun Sign Bracelet, is an extremely important gemstone for the Pisces, brings a grounded essence that helps dissolve negative thought patterns, brings you back to the present moment, and allows calmness.

To design these Sun Sign Bracelets, we begin with the qualities of the individual Astrological Sun Signs to essentially create a general intuitive reading for each Sign. Based upon this reading, we determine the chakras, meridians, vulnerable areas, and emotional challenges that need specific attention within each Sign and focus the properties of the crystals and colors to those areas.

See our Sun Sign Bracelets here! bit.ly/1HLCXhZ
Nancy Rainwater, PhD #pisces #astrology #WUVIP

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