Draw a Line in the Sand: Choose Life

All of life is a learning and adapting experience. Every essence of life adapts on a daily basis, not that we notice it in every moment nor do we acknowledge it consciously. Animals learn how to live in the wild and adapt accordingly. Plants even learn about growing, finding water, seeking the sunlight. All adapts. No learning and adapting = no life.DrawLineSandBlog

So … why is it that we bemoan our mistakes? Learning from a mistake is the first step of adapting. Everyone makes mistakes, does things that they wish they hadn’t done, says things they wish they hadn’t said. Everyone.

Have you done something that you cannot let go of? Is it ruining your life? Have you made the same or similar mistakes over and over? Are you ashamed of yourself, of your past? Are you afraid that others will find out what you have done

Time to draw a line in the sand. Remember: no adapting equals no life. You must forgive yourself if you want to truly adapt and live, if you want to contribute to the world and to all of life, and if you want to move forward. You cannot control whether others forgive you, so that cannot be a part of your “must haves” in life. Apologize and/or forgive others if you need to; then let it go.

Another huge part of adapting: moving on and learning a new way to “be.” If you stay in the same place, doing the same things often with the same people, then life will continue to offer up those same lessons. So, you must learn and adapt.

Now this doesn’t necessarily take a bunch of money or even help from anyone. What is does require is clear thinking, a decision to change direction, to change the way you are thinking. And, are you ready for this? You must actually love yourself, believe in yourself, and allow you to be your authentic self. No matter what you have done in the past.

Truthfully, this was devastatingly difficult for me. I was so down on myself … so hard to like myself again, if you know what I mean. I could not seem to stop the incessant replaying of all that I’d done, all the mistakes that I had made, all that was wrong in my life, all of those ugly, abusive things that others had done to me. Really hard to turn that off, isn’t it? I realized though that, if I could not like or believe in myself and stop the rehashing, I would never be able to overcome my addiction – in itself an indication that I was not dealing well with my life nor caring for myself. I knew in my heart that I would die an early death.

Take this step: believe in your own worth.

You are here for a reason. You may not believe this truth. It is still true.

Draw a line in the sand of your life, right now. Actually draw a line on a piece of paper and hang it on the wall. Embrace the symbol. Stop going over and over all of it in your mind, trying to fix the outcome by obsessively thinking about it. Lift your head and your heart, forward. Make a list of how to get from here to the next moment and the next. Create your life with positive intent. Breathe. Face forward. Set a couple of clear goals at a time. Believe that you can do this. So many of us have actually taken these steps; you can, too.

I won’t say that it will necessarily be easy. It may take a while. Others may doubt you. You may have your own enormous doubts. However, I can honestly say that the effort will be worth it. I wouldn’t be here writing this if I hadn’t stepped out of where I was – I literally saved my own life. You can, too.

Learn from your mistakes, then leave them behind. Adapt forward. Make change work for you. Life is right here, waiting for you. Draw a Line in the Sand: Choose Life. I did. You can, too.

Blessings of Love and Light and Joy to you!

Nancy Rainwater, PhD

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