Happy Birthday, Aries!

Happy Birthday to all ARIES: March 20 – April 19, 2016


Aries Sun Sign Bracelet by Rainwater Designs

Aries SS: http://www.creatingwithintent.com/#!product-page/c1if2/6b6778b4-c626-c00d-972c-b138d85e3f07

My process for the SunSigns: http://www.creatingwithintent.com/#!sun-sign-bracelets/ckx6

My creative process: http://www.creatingwithintent.com/#!process/c1dr0

Aries is a Masculine Fire sign, ruled by Mars, the active, fearless planet. The Aries is typically a Pioneer and/or Warrior: a courageous, energetic, creative, independent, self-confident go-getter! You can be impulsive and aggressive.

Parts of body ruled by this sign: head and face, so take care of this area of your body. Aries rules First House (one of the Houses of Life) of the self, personality, and vitality.

The crystals, materials, and colors that make up this bracelet have been intuitively selected, cleansed, and blessed with the clear intention of bringing wholeness and abundance to the One who wears it each day.

Our bodies respond to the energy of the Universe in crystals and stones of the Earth and to the colors around us. As you open yourself with intention to these energies and vibrations, they will help you connect to your natural self-healing abilities. See yourself as the creator of your own wellbeing, beginning this moment. The following are the intended healing properties of this bracelet, designed especially for the Aries:


  • Support the healing of spiritual wounds
  • Provide grounding and protection during spiritual practice
  • Foster connection with the energy of the Universe


  • Soothe emotional turmoil and anger
  • Provide calming and stability
  • Nurture love and trust in life


  • Support pioneering spirit
  • Encourage reflection and reasoning before action
  • Promote mental clarity


  • Support alignment and clearing of all chakras
  • Aid with self-control
  • Encourage connection with surrounding environment


The following affirmation will assist you along this self-healing path. I exclusively crafted this affirmation for the Aries Sun Sign. Please, repeat these words each day:


“Everything is unfolding as it should. I know and love myself right this moment. I can see clearly, both with my eyes and with my heart. I am surrounded by joy and sweetness. All is well with my soul.”


Some of the semi-precious gemstones specifically chosen for this Aries Healing Bracelet include: Quartz, Turquoise, Red Jasper, Malachite, and Lapis Lazuli.


Note: As you purchase and receive your Sun Sign Bracelets, please note, these are real gemstones with natural inclusions and variations. Many of them are hand-cut and may vary in size and appearance.

Thank you so much for visiting! -Nancy

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