Love Yourself: Empowerment

There is a world’s worth of distance between loving and believing in yourself and being a narcissist.

When I or anyone else urges you to love yourself first, then extend that love and care to others, realize that without a doubt that neither you nor I can be disgusted with ourselves and come from a place of love for others. Your own vessel must be filled for you to be able to effectively and consistently pour kindness upon others.

If you can’t believe in yourself, in your mission to better the world, in your own abilities and strengths, in the importance of self-encouragement, then you will likely not be able to lift others up in a meaningful way. The world has always and will always need those who will stand up and encourage others, who will believe enough in themselves to shine, who will feel comfortable enough within themselves to praise the good in others and in our world.

I say all of this to urge you to resist continually rebuffing those who praise you, who think the world of you, who tell you how special you are … those who encourage you to love yourself and to believe in yourself. What if they have been right all along? What if you ARE worthy? What if you ARE so unique that you can have an immensely special contribution? What if you DO have a key for folks to have better lives? What if you CAN make the world a better place with your own brand of love and kindness and goodness?


Be You; Love Yourself; Believe in You; Trust Your Intuition; Go for Your Dreams. You won’t be a narcissist – you will be a fully and truly empowered human being. The change begins with You.

I am sending huge blessings of Love and Light and Joy to each of you who reads this. I believe in you. And I am standing up to say so. –Nancy Rainwater PhD

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