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Happy birthday to all of you Cancerians out there! Here’s a bit about our Sun Sign Bracelet for those with birthdays between approximately June 21 – July 22.

“Intuitive Cancer, natural ruler of the House of Home, approaches life with sensitivity and imagination. This sun sign bracelet supports your domestic bliss and provides for better understanding of and through the emotions and for relaxation. The design pays particular attention to the third and fourth chakras, the Stomach meridian, and the element of Water.” -from Rainwater Designs

For more info and to order, please, visit our website. All major credit cards are accepted!

Have a look at all of the Sun Signs, and you will see the differences among them and among the bracelets that I’ve made for them! Each one is unique.
-Nancy Rainwater
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You Really Can Go Home

A few years ago, my partner and I (along with our dog Buster, of course!) set off on a journey to see family, several states away. As we drove through the desert, over the mountains, in the heat, and through snow and thunderstorms … we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, collecting rocks, visiting turquoise outlets, and taking photos.

Then, I began to feel ill. I think we made it about two-thirds of the way to our intended destination. I became so critically ill that we had to stop and quickly find a hotel. We were there for FIVE days.

I’m not a believer in running to the doctor for everything, so I chose not to go to one so far from home – and even now, I doubt that they could have done anything for me. In retrospect, it was one of those dark-night-of-the-soul moments that lasted for days. There were hours that I wasn’t sure I would make it home at all. Anyway, by the time I was well enough to travel, we were out of vacation time and had to head back home, so we never reached our carefully planned destination.

From the outside, this would appear to be an imperfect trip or vacation. The reality is that it was absolutely perfect. When I think back on that trip, I don’t see it as a ruined vacation at all. I see it as a revelation … one that I’ll never forget. I learned many things that week.

For instance …
I don’t have to do things because someone else wants me to.
I can break the chains of the past.
Emotional upset does, in fact and dramatically, affect our bodies.
Our bodies can absolutely heal themselves. (zero doubt about this one)
I am so fortunate and so loved.
I am worthy.
I can change directions anytime, anywhere, with or without getting sick and staying in a hotel room for five days!
And … there is such a thing as magic.

All good things to know!

Sometimes life says, “Wait a minute – stop – pay attention!” I had three of those moments within that same year, of which this was one. It truly is in those kinds of moments when we grow the most. Not “imperfect” at all. So much good has come into my life since that year … it’s really hard to argue against the experiences.

When you look at your journey with eyes to see the truth, perhaps you will see that, in each moment, your journey is and has been perfect. You are here, now. So it’s not all bad! I’m finding that the trick is actually to pay attention, to learn the lessons, to see beyond what others might think of as obstacles, and to look for the good in all situations. “Awareness” has a whole new meaning for me, now.

Each coming moment brings with it hope and potential … the opportunity to chart a new course. Let go of the past, rest in the knowledge that you can always make a new decision, go in a new direction. You really can go home to the “true” you.

Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Let everyone else off the hook, too. Create a new map. Keep loving your life – whatever is happening in it. Just keep moving. Take a step forward in Joy … even if it is a baby step. You’ll be happy you did. And really, the Joy you’ll feel is worth it all – you’ll see!

There is great love here for you. –Nancy Rainwater

Heed the Call

I love rocks. As far back as I can remember, I’ve loved rocks. During every trip, I’d bug my parents to stop the car on the side of the road so that I could look for rocks to collect. And I did have a collection. I even minored in Geology in college. I loved the many different colors and shapes and textures of the rocks, making each one unique. I loved holding them. Now, I know that the Earth was communicating with me, an only child … and I was and am able to feel that connection and understand it. Rocks have always been a part of my life. I know how important they were, because when I was at the very darkest point of my life, I actually threw away the rock collection that I had kept for twenty years. I was trying to hurt myself, to throw my “self” away. I still tear up thinking about tossing them – I vividly remember doing it. They were important to me – quite a statement about that moment in my life.

I will always be thankful to Caroline Myss, because in a way, she helped me to allow them back into my life. We were studying some of her spiritual materials when something she wrote really grabbed my attention. She talked about thinking back to remember what mattered to us when we were young, what we liked to do as children and to pick up those threads of interest and abilities. These interests, in many ways, represent our essence … before we began doing and being what others wanted. So, 20 years after throwing away my rock collection, I embraced rocks again.

What a surprise it has been! I now have thousands of little pieces of “rocks” and a business in which I get to “play” with them …. I make gemstone jewelry and energy charms. The Earth still communicates with me and I still feel it. I have come to understand the presence, the massive strength, power, resilience and well-being that is our Earth. And, because I have this spiritual, metaphysical connection, I’ve been able to match “rocks” with people, according to need and desire – almost like divination in some ways. It’s been a wild ride, because it’s not something that I had ever thought about doing, nor had I known anyone who did such a thing. We all have our purpose and practice in life, and this is mine. Thus, Rainwater Designs was born in 2006.


The message to me (and now to you): pay attention to that to which you are drawn, to those abilities you are able to perfect, to those activities that lift you up, bring you joy, lighten your heart, to those instances when time stands still and also flies by. It’s a Sign! Don’t be deterred. Age is of no consequence. Life situation won’t be a block. Doesn’t matter what you have been doing – I already had a Ph.D. in Education, for goodness sake. Find a way to make your passion, that positive obsession, work! If you need it, also find a way to make money doing this thing that has called you. You can do it. If I can get from childhood rock collecting to creating gemstone jewelry for healing and well-being, then you can find a way to make your calling work, too.

It is a “calling,” you know. Treat it like that.

This experience has allowed me to regain and to embrace a part of me that parents, partners, and the world, in general, had sought to crush. I love this part of me. I’d dearly love to have my rock collection back, but you know what? I have a room full of “rocks” from all over the world. And I share them! They help people. I love them and they love me. I am thrilled when something new comes into being through me. Rocks rock!

Heed the call, friends!

Much love, Nancy Rainwater

Joy Rant


Here’s the deal. Who decided that it isn’t cool to be joyful? That smiling isn’t cool/in/hot/bitchin/ridiculous/bad-ass/awesome sauce/crushing it/ … whatever? That being joyful is fake? omg. Let me tell you what is fake … not smiling is fake. I say, smile when you want to, when you feel it, even if you don’t have abnormally white and freakishly straight teeth. Unleash that inner fire hydrant of Joy! You can be joyful even if you don’t attend a sporting event, a music concert, or church. You can laugh even when it’s not at someone else’s expense.

We were built for Joy. Think about it. When we are left to our own devices, allowed to explore to our heart’s content, not bothered, not suppressed, not threatened … we seek out those things that make us happy. That’s how we fill our time. We innately want to feel and express Joy. I will go so far as to say that this is why we are here – it’s our goal. We want to be Happy. Seek and express Joy. Unleash that inner fire hydrant of Joy! Find those things, people, places that make you smile, that give you that feeling of your inner joy bubbling up to the surface.

“A Joyful Spirit” is not just one woman’s story. It is everyone’s story. It is our Essence. It isn’t a telling of Joy all the time. It’s the reality that Joy persists even though there has been strife, much abuse, massive effort, pain, illness, depression, hateful prejudice … Joy persists. Unleash your inner fire hydrant of Joy!

My hope is that reading my words here will contribute to that Joy. Sending out much Love and Joy to each one of you … I feel you … I know you are there.

xo-Nancy Rainwater

Find the Good and Praise It!

Power and Beauty

“Find the good and praise it.” -Alex Haley

This is the key when we seek to find a better way. Find the good … in everyone … in every situation … in every moment. It might be something so small as to seem insignificant, but it’s worthy of our attention, because it is the key that unlocks our hearts, allowing the love and the joy and the peace. Allow the negative to fall away. Find the good and praise it.

Once we have this realization and acceptance within ourselves, a pathway opens before us. This path is of our own making, our own thoughts, our own feelings … it’s an inside job always. We always have choices. We can in the blink of an eye totally transform a situation for ourselves. It is within our power to do so. The power does not exist in the hands of anyone else … it is yours. Find the good and praise it.

Sometimes, I have found that what really needed to happen was that I needed to find the good in myself … and praise it. I have, at times, found this to be more difficult than looking for it in others. Regardless … find the good and praise it. It is you and you are it … always.

This concept is essentially and totally transformative. I have experienced it. The redirecting of my thoughts and my feelings about persons and situations has truly changed my life. These instances are worthy of my remembrance, my joy, my love.

I hope to always look for the good and praise it here within this blog. It’s really the most worthwhile time spent, I believe. Yes, I’ll tell stories and talk about my life, but truthfully, the power we seek lies in magnifying the positive in the world and in ourselves. Let’s do that!

Find the good and praise it.
Blessings of Love and Light,

Nancy Rainwater

Equal Night and Day – Balance … a good time to begin

On only two days per year does the night equal the day (one each in March/September). Balance, a newness, growth, birth. In my mind, the Vernal Equinox in March is like the “new” year. The energy of this time, the space around you urges a movement to balance. For us, another show is also going on, an amazing SuperMoon, appearing oh so close to the Earth and so large, and then it moves between the Earth and the Sun in perfect placement for a Total Solar Eclipse. Another kind of balance.

Staying with this metaphor of balance – day/night, light/dark, Sun/Moon – think about what must happen for there to be balance, usually. When new things come along, many times old things must move along. I always tell my clients who are hoping for a love interest or soul mate, in terms of Feng Shui, to take a look around their home and around in their lives … is there “room” for that new person, that new energy? Clean out some drawers or closets, move stuff around, set the table for two; clear then create the energy, metaphorically and in reality. This is perhaps what needs to happen during this Equinox/Solar Eclipse time for each of us. Some people or situations may be eclipsed out of your life, but be calm about it, because it’s a clearing of space for the new coming. Begin to prepare for the inevitable newness.

This will manifest in different ways in each person’s life. For some, it may be in relationships; for others, workplace or home/family or money or health; and for some it may be a true internal shift, emotionally perhaps. What have you been antsy about? What’s been on your mind, keeps you up? What have you been sort of planning forever it seems? For some, a difference will be sudden and others, a slow turning in a new direction.

You may have heard folks talking about this equinox/eclipse bringing opportunity … I call it potential. The potential is there in the energy and flow of the time. Be sure to look for it and go with it.

The Moon and the Sun are both moving out of Pisces to Aries on this day, as well, from water to fire, from intuition and spirituality to action. You may have been thinking about something for a long time; this may be the time for you to actually act on it! Take a step in this new direction. Move from merely thinking about it to doing it. A New Moon is an excellent time to begin something new, as well.

Bottom line, if a door opens, go through it. If you have been planning and thinking, begin doing. Take some kind of concrete step. Get your life in order; clear out the cobwebs, stay sober and alert. Look for good. Allow transformation to happen. Welcome the new, the balance of the times.

Spring Equinox March 20, 2015: (all times EDT)
New Moon 5:36 am
Solar Eclipse 5:45 am
Moon moves into Aries 6:28 am
Sun moves into Aries 6:45 pm

Some suggestions ….
If you are needing some calm or protection during this period of time, carry/wear Turquoise.
For an increase in personal energy and power, carry/wear Citrine.
To awaken creativity, carry/wear Carnelian.
If you are feeling flighty and need grounding, carry/wear Obsidian.
If you have been down on yourself, carry/wear Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine/Amazonite.
If you feel depressed during this time, carry/wear Amethyst.


Blessings of Love and Light,
Nancy Rainwater

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