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Find the Good and Praise It!

Power and Beauty

“Find the good and praise it.” -Alex Haley

This is the key when we seek to find a better way. Find the good … in everyone … in every situation … in every moment. It might be something so small as to seem insignificant, but it’s worthy of our attention, because it is the key that unlocks our hearts, allowing the love and the joy and the peace. Allow the negative to fall away. Find the good and praise it.

Once we have this realization and acceptance within ourselves, a pathway opens before us. This path is of our own making, our own thoughts, our own feelings … it’s an inside job always. We always have choices. We can in the blink of an eye totally transform a situation for ourselves. It is within our power to do so. The power does not exist in the hands of anyone else … it is yours. Find the good and praise it.

Sometimes, I have found that what really needed to happen was that I needed to find the good in myself … and praise it. I have, at times, found this to be more difficult than looking for it in others. Regardless … find the good and praise it. It is you and you are it … always.

This concept is essentially and totally transformative. I have experienced it. The redirecting of my thoughts and my feelings about persons and situations has truly changed my life. These instances are worthy of my remembrance, my joy, my love.

I hope to always look for the good and praise it here within this blog. It’s really the most worthwhile time spent, I believe. Yes, I’ll tell stories and talk about my life, but truthfully, the power we seek lies in magnifying the positive in the world and in ourselves. Let’s do that!

Find the good and praise it.
Blessings of Love and Light,

Nancy Rainwater

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